Outstanding Exteriors® Hurricane Resistant Soffits
Exterior metal soffit ceilings delivering durability, hurricane resistance, designed load performance, and insulation at the utmost economy, featuring:

• Miami-Dade County Building Compliance N.O.A # 06-0022
• Special “Z” shaped (patent pending) perimeter hold-down –Assuring positive secure performance without use of exposed fasteners
• Significant structural performance available relative to positive and negative wind loads
• Durable finishes for corrosive external environments
• Steel or aluminum panels with matching trims, reveals & fascias
• Long Span panels
• Simple, quick and economical installation
• Green Building Compliant

Applications include:
Transportation Terminals & Stations, Convention & Civic Centers, Museums, Performing Art Centers and any Exterior Soffit or Other Application Requiring Design Load performance & monolithic appearance without the use of exposed fasteners